Tuesday, May 3, 2011

copywriting wisdom from rosser reeves

"Let's call it the artsy-craftsy crowd. They believe their advertising has to be different... The illogicality of their argument is not obvious to them, and it's even less obvious to the public and to many business men.

"In fact, it sounds enormously convincing, and it goes like this: One, the advertising, not the product, must compete with a tremendous number of other advertising messages. Two, therefore, the advertisement, not the product, must get attention. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Three, therefore, a given advertisement, and not the product, must be different.

"Such reasoning bypasses the product, and when it does, it bypasses the advertising function. It is a classic example of confusing the means with the end. For if the product is worth paying money for, it is worth paying attention to."

From The Art of Writing Advertising.

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