Wednesday, January 30, 2013

super bowled over?

Last week, I was researching an article for The Weekly Surge on Super Bowl advertising. To me, this was like the holy grail of free lance assignments. Obviously, if you're here, you know I live and breath advertising. So, to be able to actually write on advertising, and talk to people in advertising (especially people who I have long admired), I was pumped. Below is that article, now out in digital, and in print on Friday.

A special thanks to Paul Venables at Venables, Bell & Partners, Scott Brandon at The Brandon Agency, and Bonnie Drewniany at the University of South Carolina, for all giving me a few minutes of their busy day to talk shop and make this article happen. These three people are at the top of their game for advertising, which is not praise I toss around liberally. It was a personal and professional privilege to be able to pick their minds.

bowled over?

On Jan. 15, 1967, the Kansas City Chiefs met the Green Bay Packers in the first-ever AFL-NFL World Championship Game. That game would retroactively become known as the very first Super Bowl ever played. And, in front of an audience of nearly 62,000 people, the Packers dominated the Chiefs 35-10.

Since then, the game has changed significantly. Athletes are bigger. Hits are harder. Competition is fiercer. Even the helmets and pads have evolved to resemble something akin to military-style combat gear. And, as the Super Bowl transformed from a novel event that couldn’t even sell-out its inaugural championship into a sporting powerhouse where luxury suites sell for six figures, commercial sponsorships have matured as well, and have become a part of the indelible fabric that makes up Super Bowl Sunday.

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